Geographical Position of the Village

Vaida-Camaras is a small village in Romania, situated at 35 kms far from the cultural center of Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca. Although it is not very far from the main town of the county, for the villagers who do not own a car it is hard to access the city because most of the buses to Cluj-Napoca clip on the National Road that is 4 kms away from the village.

Local administration

Administratively the village belongs to the larger village, Căianu. The mayor of Căianu is Mr. Vasile POP , and the vicemayor is Mr. Ferenc FARKAS from Vaida-Cãmãras. In the local administration the village is being represented by 4 councillors.

Address : str. Principală nr. 48, com. Căianu, sat Căianu Mic, jud. Cluj, ROMÂNIA
Phone :+4- 0264-236.106
Web-page :

History of the Village

Vaida-Cămăraş (Vajdakamarás in Hungarian) is a small village in Romania, situated at 35 kms far Cluj-Napoca, the cultural center of Transylvania. It is an old settlement founded in the Middle Ages. However nowadays it has only about 1100 inhabitants.

According to the historians the name of the village (Kamarás in Hungarian, Cămăraş in Romanian) comes from the salt mine of Cojocna, more precisely, it was the place (kamra in Hungarian, cămară in Romanian) where the salt was kept. Later on in the XIVth century, when mining progressed the village was considered the Transylvanian monarchs' (vajda in Hungarian, voievod in Romanian) domain. Read more>>


str. Principală, 223A
407124 Vaida-Cămăraş
Com. Căianu, Jud. Cluj
Tel: +4-0264-276.376









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