Our Sponsors

Our school is entwinned with the community of Wimpassing, Austria. Thanks to this fellowship the school and the kindergarten are sponsored annually with educational aids and money.

With the sum of money received from the comunity of Wimpassing we renewed the teachers' room and the two corridors of the school. We also used these money funds to install water, to change the old lamps with neon tubes, to refloor the classrooms, and to change the almost half century old furniture of the kindergarten with a modern and practical items. This year the members of the community offered to sponsor the works that had to be done in order to have heater in our new library.

With the approval of the parents we also bought a multifunctional printer (printer, scanner and copy machine) that is necessary in the process of education and learning, but at the same time it is the source of the school's own income, too.

Thanks to the collaboration with the Zoltán Kallós Foundation the school's equipment increased with a computer equipped with a DVD-reader and a CD-writer, with television, videoplayer and a magnetic board. The Foundation donated 2 CD-players (one for the school, one for the kindergarten) and different kinds of sports equipments (mattresses, equipment for volleyball, football, basketball and ping-pong).

Also due to our fellowships our pupils have the opportunity to play volleyball, football, basketball and table tennis as we have all the equipments that these games require. In this way the sports classes are more efficient, but also more fun for the pupils.

Our school is also etwinned with the community of Pilis, Hungary which donated many valuable and interesting books we need in the educational process. The students of Downe House School, Berkshire, England donated English books that make English classes more efficient and more interesting.

We would like to thank all those people who supported us financially and/or morally and thus making possible the continuous development of our school.


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