Our School

The School of Vaida-Cămăraş was founded in the 19th century. Nowadays it is a school where teaching goes on in Hungarian language, but throughout the time there were also classes where education went on in Romanian language.


Thanks to the funds the school won within the confines of the Rural Education Project financed by the World Bank and the Government of Romania, this year we found a library for the school and the community. In this way starting from schoolyear 2005-2006 our school has got 6 classrooms, a computer science laboratory and a library. Read more>>

The Role of Our School in the Developement fo the Village

Although in the past education was not considered very important by the locals, in the last years we managed to start a process of education through which we may change the mentality of the community. In fact in the last few years more and more of our students have chosen to continue their studies in high schools and even at universities. Read more >>

Our Sponsors

Thanks to the fellowships with the communities of Wimpassing, Austria and the collaboration with the Zoltán Kallós Foundation, our school has a television, a videoplayer, a computer equipped with DVD-reader and CD-writer, but also two printers and a multifunctional printer (printer, scanner and copy mashine).

Also due to our fellowships our students have the opportunity to play volleyball, football, basketball and ping-pong as we have all the equipments that these games require. In this way the sports classes are more efficient, but also more fun for the students.

Our school is also bouded up with the community of Pilis, Hungary that donated many valuable and interesting books we have needed in the educational process. The students of Downe House School, Berkshire, England donated English books that make English classes more efficient and more interesting. Read more >>


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